Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary, Mason Jar

Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary, Mason Jar

25 oz Mason Jar
Manny’s Ultimate Bloody Mary is a truly authentic, nonalcoholic mix with no artificial colorings or preservatives. Handcrafted and produced locally with authentic ingredients. Gluten-free, nut oil free, low sodium with no measurable amounts of seafood. Made with Sacramento Tomato Juice, organic horseradish (grown in upstate Connecticut), Lea and Parens low sodium Worcestershire, true Tabasco, celery salt, fresh ground pepper, European sea salt, lemon juice. All together along with our 4 proprietary ingredients make for a bold, savory and spicy experience.

Chill and serve as is (virgin) or with vodka, but also feel free to try it with tequila, gin, sake or even a clear moonshine. Great for adding to tomato sauce, marinating meats and replacing your cocktail sauce.

Available in a variety of sizes from our signature 16 and 25 ounce mason jars to the ever popular 34 ounce liter bar bottle.

Also available is the all-natural drink rimmer that's perfect for adding a festive, salty kick to your favorite cocktail!

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Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary

Greenwich, CT
Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary

Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary began before the term “Mixology” was coined when Manny Ferreira, a young up and coming professional barman realized the importance of creating a truly fabulous cocktail. A bloody mary usually begins with eight simple ingredients and his specific combination has been designed to create a distinct flavor profile which includes richness and depth along with a daring amount of spiciness.