Original Plant Based Patties

Original Plant Based Patties

4 Patties
4 4.2 oz patties

All Organic Ingredients: Red Lentils, Onions, Carrot, Celery, Split Peas, Quinoa, Oat Groats, Garlic, Sea Salt, Kombu

Cooking instructions: From frozen, pan sear with olive oil on medium heat for four minutes per side.

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Plantidote Foods

Norwalk, CT
Plantidote Foods

After witnessing the healing power of food when her mother in law was ill, Danielle and her husband went plant based to see if they felt better and concocted this recipe. Not a mock-meat, they choose to highlight & brighten the natural textures and flavors of plant-based staples without adding fillers, non-nutritious starches, gums or protein isolates you’ll find in most every meatless option at the market.