Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Craft Syrup

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Craft Syrup

200 ml bottle
Voted #1 Sweetener by a panel of celebrity judges and food critics at the Connecticut Food Association's Specialty Foods Competition!!

Maple Craft Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup is the result of patiently aging premium, flame-boiled, single-source maple syrup inside perfectly conditioned American white oak barrels within hours of our local distillery partner releasing the handcrafted bourbon that had matured inside for years (and just before we return them to the distillery so they can refill them to make their amazing Maple Bourbon)! Our family-friendly Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup has a rich, soft, complex character with subtle hints of smoke, fruit & oak, with buttery-smooth vanilla & caramel undertones.

Makes a unique gift! Enjoy Maple Craft Syrup over ice cream, cake, fruit, etc. Use it to marinade or as a glaze for salmon and other proteins or veggies. Mix it in cocktails, coffee in place of sugar/syrup. And of course, use it to transform your pancakes, waffles, sausage & bacon and take them to entirely new altitudes!

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Maple Craft Foods

Sandy Hook, CT
Maple Craft Foods

The Ackert Family began harvesting maple sap from trees at family homes in Connecticut and Vermont in 2001 because they love maple syrup and wanted their kids to develop a healthy connection with natural food and where it comes from. After unthinkable tragedy struck their community in Sandy Hook, CT, they re-prioritized how they wanted to spend their time and decided to start Maple Craft Foods to help make people smile and develop healthier connections with food, with nature and with each other, while also supporting survivors and volunteers working to make our communities safer and sweeter.