Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie Bites Dozen

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie Bites Dozen

Magical bite-size soft-baked rainbow sprinkle cookies that are dye-free! Soft and chewy with a hint of coconut and sea salt. Made with simple ingredients and sweetened naturally with organic maple syrup from the Hudson Valley - that’s what makes them truly magical! Plus they're fun to eat (sprinkles make everything better!) and kid-friendly too.

- Fresh-baked, organic, non-GMO ingredients
- Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, soy-free & vegan
- NO FLOUR. Whole, ground almonds compose the “flour” in these cookies.
- NO FILLERS. NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS. No soy, additives, dyes or preservatives.
- 3.5g plant-based protein per cookie

Cookies are 1 oz. each.

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Stylish Spoon

Norwalk, CT
Stylish Spoon

Ilana and the team at Stylish Spoon believe that when you eat good, you feel good but that can be a real challenge when life gets busy. They obsessively source the best ingredients and then prepare these superfood ingredients in the most delicious and most nutritious ways, so you can feel good while enjoying your favorite treats. 100% always, always naturally gluten-free Dairy-free Soy-free Plant-based ingredients you can pronounce No fillers, preservatives, GMOs or glyphosate