Papau New Guinea Simbai Balus Kopi Coffee

Papau New Guinea Simbai Balus Kopi Coffee

12 oz. bag
This is one of the best coffees from PNG that we’ve ever tasted! It’s delicate enough to be roasted to a light medium to preserve the juicy, tart cranberry acidity while staying sweet and interesting.

Light Medium Roast | Single Origin
Whole Bean | 12 oz. bag (340g)

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Strigo Coffee

Norwalk, CT
Strigo Coffee

Dennis and Jennie’s focus at Strigo Coffee is on forming direct trade relationships with farmers to find the world’s best single origin coffees and taking the time to learn the bean and roast it to perfection. At Strigo, they drink coffee for all occasions but being out in nature and exploring the world with a great tasting cup of coffee in hand is what truly fuels them.