Ham Steak

Ham Steak

We pasture-raised Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs at Millstone Farm this year, helping us to reclaim old pasture. Enjoy the flavor of their meat while supporting a regenerative, local farm.

This is a frozen ham steak that has not been cured or smoked.

Each steak is 2 - 2.5 lbs.

From the farm: "I really love to braise it and use it in soups. It's a great cut on a Sunday morning when you have a house full of hungry people, serve with eggs and all the fixings. Its also right at home on the grill and It really takes sauce well (thinks glazes and mustards). I will often make one early in the week and just use it as sandwich meat."

Chef Randy from Harbor Harvest weighed in and suggested brining this beautiful cut of meat for 24 hours and including some brown sugar in a spice rub!

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Millstone Farm

Wilton, CT
Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm is a seventy-one acre working farm nestled in a bucolic rural setting in Wilton CT that is strengthening ties between the surrounding community and the land. Their team enlists a variety of regenerative farming practices with the intention of increasing the health and resiliency of the soil, animals, extended environment, and community.