Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

By far Wanke's Yankee's most popular item. Simply a delicious sauce that will go on ANYTHING from eggs to burgers to tacos to Wheaties
(just kidding about the Wheaties...sort of)

5 fl. oz.

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Wanke's Yankee Hot Pepper Products

Norwalk, CT
Wanke's Yankee Hot Pepper Products

David, or as his friends call him "Chile," started Wanke's Yankee Hot Pepper Products with four decades of experience as a professional chef and a creative passion for experimenting with hot chili peppers. He now has a steady line of hot sauces (award winning Jalapeno), a BBQ sauce line, rubs, and an assortment of spicy jams. He's constantly in R&D mode, so stay tuned for more spicy foods from Chile in the near future.